No Easter Candy Again

The snow is not even all melted-- and the gray cat went out and got this rabbit, dragged him in the cat door, across the porch, through the second door, across the dining room, and left it in the middle of the (luckily dark red) hardware store Oriental rug we have in the living room. And that cat was totally excited--he was very annoyed that J took the rabbit back outside again, to put in the compost pile--he wanted me either to fix it for dinner, or stuff it and mount it at cat eye level in the living room. I told him no one was getting Easter candy now; and why couldn't he just eat mice? (The truth is, I haven't seen a mouse since we trapped that one in the kitchen a while back). I think he's eaten them all.

His sister, meanwhile, was content to kill fuzzy blankets inside a box; all you can see here is one glowing green eye:

And now I have to go back to the mystery spot that is my taxes. They would be easier if I kept better records, but some royalty checks were sent to my old addresses, and that has not helped me balance the books. Once check from September just came yesterday. And my accountant is always trying to get me to take more deductions, but that would mean keeping records, and honestly, I would rather just pay more for roads and firemen.

And finally, for no reason, a handy chart about cat decision making: