(Blank) You and the OS You Rode In On..

I have an old copy of Painter. Painter7, to be exact, which at the time I purchased it, I paid a lot of money for it. So I have a commission where it would be nice to use some of the features of my moldy Painter, so I load it on my new machine, and guess what? This machine has too much memory to run Painter7. Now I don't like the bloatware that is Painter 12; so get off my lawn, Corel.

Plus, Adobe is phasing out boxed editions of Photoshop, so they are going to switch to a subscription service and you can download the app from The Cloud to use it, and it will all be puppy farts and rainbows. If you do the math, the cheapest version of this will cost around 250.00 per annum, which considering I buy new versions of these things every 5 years for that same amount of money, kinda sucks. Actually it sucks a lot. So I shoved Painter7 back in the box until I can get my old 2004 computer repaired, and got out a pencil and some illustration board. I know how to use this toolset.

Edit--I suddenly remembered that Painter has a better cousin (from Ambient Design) called Art Rage, and I went online and bought the newest version (4) AND a backup cd, and it is better than ever; I loved the early goofy versions (with glitter and crayons) and this one is even more streamlined and professional. Rumor has it the same people who designed Painter's brushes also wanted a simpler program, and went on to develop ArtRage. It's really fun to paint in, the paint smears like real paint. Also you don't have to read the instructions to figure it out. :D