Impldoll Filraen

Impldoll has introduced a new tall guy that I like a lot--I knew that they had a 72 cm body in the works, but I actually like his head. As Meeuw writes on Ilsonya's blog:

Whether at IMPLDOLL replaced sculptor, or the New Year he was given last anatomy atlas - but his recent works can be viewed without feyspalma (facepalming) and with some healthy curiosity. Idol Doll body is not ashamed to show in a decent society, and in general the first signs in the line named Filraen got a pretty good (and from some angles - very nice).

Although ... no, not the sculptor has changed and even stayed true to himself - strange style psevdoelfiyskie ears dazzling. Well, at least the set includes human.

Yes, he has kind of freaky ears, but a wig hides the smaller ones and the big ones are kind of cool.

Link to the product, 380.00 USD blank before shipping, he is a Basic:

Filraen Sales Page