Iplehouse's Flickr

Yes, Iplehouse has a flickr,


which I did not know about until yesterday, when people on Den of Angels were squeeing about an upcoming new release of the EID line with "Doria", with "pictures on the flickr". Finally someone took pity on the rest of us and posted the link, so you too can go stare at Doria (or what they will show of her, she looks like Stella) and her fabulous clothes. Iplehouse does wonderful "period style" clothing, and then likes to torture me by making them in sizes I can't use. I hate the whole New Young Iplehouse Doll line, because they have been putting gorgeous heads on, for me, useless little 60 cm bodies; and the heads won't fit any other bodies as far as I know. Eddie up there is one of the perps..look at that beautiful outfit! Unfortunately it will stay on Eddie.

I suspect my female New Youth Iplehouse Body will get the hacksaw treatment..there were a rash of sales on the Marketplace as people discovered no other heads fit on those pretty bodies,because of the proprietary neck shape, and now people are coming to a consensus that you just have to grind down the neck, and then Elfdoll heads look especially lovely on them (Elfdoll bodies are not handsome, though the heads are genius, the same goes for Zaoll heads). So a female 58 cm, nice body has been much in demand, but Iplehouse frowns upon hybrids. Which is silly because they could make twice as much money selling parts. (I have learned that myself selling things on the Marketplace--I split the head and body now before I sell it, especially since most of my dolls were assembled in pieces.) Another reason to go peek at the flickr..sketches! I hope they put up more of these:


I think the center design (the flamenco-style dress) was what Stella was released in.