I saw this image as a tiny thumbnail in an unrelated image search, and I thought, "That looks like an Iplehouse Aurora"; and when I brought up the full-sized image, I thought "wow, that is a beautiful painting of Aurora, done in Painter"(?). I backtracked the link to a Korean art blog, where Google Translate did a really bad attempt at translating, so much so I am not even sure of the artist's name--but he or she paints Iplehouse dolls like they should be presented, and the art is wonderful. I like Painter paintings anyway--the software lets the artist's own personal style show, and I love the skill this artist has! And they seem to like ball jointed dolls too. And cats. :D

As a side note, why is it Google Translate can go through a page in Russian and even translate the jokes pretty well, while a straightforward complaint on a Korean blog about having one's car towed is barely understandable? Why, Google?

At least art doesn't need translation--here is Iplehouse's Aurora and Claude with one of the small Iplehouse guardians--even if the event is mysterious, the drawing is lovely.

Here is the blog--if you read Korean, please leave me a comment telling me the artist's name, I would appreciate it!


Oo! Oo! Go here--it's the concept drawing and finish for Taregan!!


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