Eol'ta's Migma

This Migma is for sale on Den of Angels (she is on a Clozel body, I think) and I was utterly charmed by her red cloak and her clover-and-ladybug "pin." The link below will only work if you are logged in as a member, but here it is:

Eol'ta's Sales Thread for Migma

I am pretty sure Eol'ta, who lives in Russia, did the sewing and aesthetics herself. There are more photos on the forum...Miss Migma has some great clothes!


  1. Hi! I searched in google photo SOOM Garnet and casually come across your blog. It was nice to see the kind words about my Agness)

    1. Hi Elena! Agness is so pretty--I had no money at the time, but I visited her sales thread often. Her clothes are magnificent!


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