It's Not You, It's Me...

Doll buying is a lot like Internet dating--you see little pictures, you read the text, you order and hope for the best. And usually, it works out...but not always. Take for example the famous, somewhat Topaz-like, Mecha Angel Saiph, now shrunk down by popular demand to Super Gem size. She arrived today, I opened the box, and hmmm. Saiph just looks alarmed to be here. I try her out on an old Super Gem girl body (to be honest, I had a good idea this wouldn't work after testing it with Gneiss)

Oh, honey... Then there was the body I though she might sit on, a servicable, but Normal Yellow AoD body.

Miss Saiph is most decidedly Not Normal Yellow. She is Soom Pink.

So I pull out Noodles, and that was a mistake, because my reaction to seeing Noodles' cute little face was "Awww" no way was Saiph going to spend 5 minutes on Noodle's body as a time share. Even though she fits fine.

And I'm not going to be spending any money to get Saiph a body of her own (there aren't enough of the new bodies in circulation to be cheap yet) so now she is back in the box, ready to go out again. I should really have known from my experience with Topaz that Saiph wasn't going to work, poor thing.


  1. OMG, I would have to keep that face. She is lovely. Sometimes, I am so taken with a Soom face - like DIA too.

  2. You know, I saw lunarbackbone's with paint on it and I have decided to keep her..silly me :D At least Dia you can order any time!


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