Frankendolling and No Flutter

Sharnofshade wants to get her Benmore hooves on her old Amber body. I am doubtful, because the tops of the Benmore hooves aren't round, like the Amber hip pockets are. But with some fooling around, they might be made to fit. The Benmore hooves are huge, though, almost as tall as the Iplehouse New Youth Body I am going to try to attach them to. I chose this body because the hip pockets are big and Iplehouse has switched to the practice of having the hip pivot point be inside the pelvis, instead of using hip slots on the thighs for the string to move through. Here is a diagram of the Iplehouse stringing -- I think this is standard now on the SID bodies as well:

The Iplehouse body depends on a series of ratchets to keep the hip stable rather than the friction of the string. I don't like this system at all. It's fussy..and NOISY.

However, the Benmore hooves will allow the string to go from the top of the thigh into the pelvis hole without having to use the Soom hip piece, so the hooves did go on:

They are not good on the Nyid body because they want to slip (there is no ratchet at the top of the thigh piece, and to my eye they just don't match the aesthetic of the Iple body. But if you drilled a hole in an Amber pelvis like this:

You probably could do the same cross-stringing and get the hooves on. Amber would become very tall, though!


Rummaging on Deviant Art (looking for something completely different than what I found), I discovered an artist called No Flutter who does "Lolita style" accessories, including this hat:

I believe the hat is called "Chancellor Puddinghead" and is one of several delightful hats. More here: