New Iplehouse EID woman body Vs Old EID body

If you would like to see the original image without the SFW bars on the Iplehouse site, log in (you have to be a member, but registering is easy) and go here:

Iplehouse notes these changes:

Characteristics of new EID woman body

1. Improved elbow, knee and hip joint : Elbow, knee and hip joint is improved like nYID body to enhance mobility and stability of the EID body.

2. Torso joint is improved to enhance stability.

3. Thigh, belly, belly button, and collarbone are re-designed to look more natural.

4. If you put old EID woman stand up straight, knee will be attached and there will be a gap in the feet. However if you put new EID woman stand up straight, there will be no gap between the feet. And by straightening the legs, legs got little bit longer and total height got little bit bigger. But there is no difference in hip, thigh or any part of leg size.

5. Compatible with all old EID clothes we are selling in our site.

I actually like that the new body looks even more imposing than the old one, but I still prefer the old hip cuts and straight-through-the-torso stringing.

(shakes cane at Iplehouse, forgets why).