The Egg at Soom

Xtal wrote to me and said, among other things, "Did you see the egg?" And I was "What egg?" When you say "Easter Eggs" and websites, I think of hidden icons, not actual eggs. :o So I go and look...and is an egg. It is a strung egg... with 16mm eyes, accessible through "the crack" around Humpty's (and yes, that is Humpty Dumpty) middle. So he is both a Fairy Tale, in keeping with this year's theme, and an Easter Egg. He is also the nuttiest thing I have ever seen come out of a doll company, and it gives me hope that when they do Alice in Wonderland, we might get a Caterpillar. (It seems a bit much to hope for a Gryphon, a Mock Turtle, or Bill the Lizard, though). And his sales page is here:


  1. LOL, it is an egg! I don't know how I feel about Humpty... but there is something oddly endearing about an egg-shaped... uh, person.

    I would KILL for a Gryphon or Bill the Lizard BJD.

  2. Wouldn't that be awesome?? I'm surprised they haven't made a Gryphon yet--Soom Tremo had gryphon-like feet, but that is as close as they came. Bill would just make me laugh so hard! He'd make a cute tiny!


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