Saturday, March 30, 2013

Amadiz Wigs

I want to make a wig..a pretty simple wig, basically a hat with hair sticking out under it, so I was rummaging around. Cat recommended Amadiz wigs so I went to take a look.

Oh my! That is a Soom Heliot up there, modelling "Moon God". I won't be making a wig quite like any of these, but wow, are they fun to look at! Here is the Flickr, which seems to be more current than their Deviant Art pages:

But here is a Soom Dia they decorated:

And the deviant art gallery link:

So I am going to go stare at wigs for a while before I go to bed (a little early tonight, we dragged in groceries from Costco). And just for fun, another baby pic:

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