Friday, March 22, 2013

Hyacinth the Barbarian

Hyacinth arrived yesterday in an enormous Iplehouse shipper--I am not her first owner, and I was really curious to see if an Iplehouse Elemental was any different from a standard--the answer is "not really"..except that Hyacinth (who is really an Iplehouse Aurora) has elf ears. I had no idea! They aren't huge points, just little cute ones. Iplehouse, if you had told me, I would have bought her new.

I do like buying secondhand--for one thing, I can afford them, and often the dolls have had factory problems already corrected--they have been restrung, sueded, the seams sanded down, and sometimes problem areas re-modded. The downside is occasionally I get a doll that feels like I bought someone's stuffie--this girl was obviously loved, and even had her name pencilled in her head. And I am going to do rude and amusing things with her--Hyacinth is like Boadicea and Conan the Barbarian rolled together and has no taste in clothes whatsoever, and a big yarn wig which I am still adding volume to. And she also at the moment has a very delicate and expensive faceup by a famous doll artist, which luckily is somewhat peeling off--because I am going to be crayoning my own additions over it. Poor doll! At least she is out of her heel feet and into more comfortable flat feet.

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