Selket: Vesuvia

Along with the No Tinies rule, there is another rule about dolls here (that does not always get enforced) is that if someone comes to town, someone has to leave town. My Angel of Dream Qi left so that Benmore could come, and then most of Melchior was sent out with the Benmore Pointy Ears head in order to bring in this lady. Selket is not an original Vesuvia, but a normal-skinned Free Choice reissue so she was not quite so apallingly expensive, or rare. (Sarqq has Torukia, one of the original lavender releases; I think Torukia previously belonged to Puno in Russia--the originals are so rare I can only think of three, including Tygati's.) I was a little nervous that I loved the sculpt only because I loved how Torukia looks, and that is 90% because of the artistry that Sarqq puts into her--I think Torukia also gets new flowers and ornaments once a month.

Visit Torukia (and Sarqq) here:

But now that Selket is here, I am completely delighted with her, even though she will be repainted very differently--this is Elzamine's, (the first owner's) "look" for her, and while I like it, it's not what I had in mind so she will get darker eyebrows and eyes. But I did want to take a photograph to have a record of her first faceup. And yes, she has the scorpion tail, the horns and the scorpion heels. :D

Now painted up, with temporary eyes and wig!


  1. She's gorgeous. Love the tail poking up in the shot. :D I can't wait to see what you do with her!

    Hello, by the way! I started lurking on your blog recently. Your posts make me chuckle and brighten my day. :D

  2. That tail is everywhere :D (usually up my nose). Glad you enjoy my silly blog!


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