Idiot Dolphin Children

Back before recycling was common, my mother-in-law showed me how to cut up the plastic holders that went around six-packs of drinks, so that wildlife wouldn't get tangled in them: "idiot dolphin children," because I think the original story was about bottlenose dolphins playing with them and getting them stuck on their beaks.

Though in reality, I would assume that the entangled dolphin would just turn to his podmate and whistle: "Excuse me, my good fellow, could you remove this bit of detritus that I foolishly put my nose into?" And the next dolphin over would pull it off, and they would go back to making bubble sculptures or critiquing whale songs or whatever dolphins do when they are not herding anchovies. On the other hand, I could totally see a sea turtle doing this, because I saw a very sad David Attenborough piece on sea turtles that showed a sea turtle that had drowned..drowned! a SEA turtle, because it had gotten lost in an underwater cave. You would have thought alcohol was involved if it wasn't a sea turtle. On the other hand, humans aren't too bright either.

In happier news, it is March and eventually all this snow will melt, though it is pretty right now: