Atelier Cousins

I thought the older Soom Vesuvia (from 2008) and the newer Soom Gneiss (2012) didn't look much alike, until they were sitting together on my bureau--and now I can see a kind of "family resemblance" between them. The original Vesuvia was a slow seller, probably because she was a bit expensive compared to the base dolls people were used to, but I think partly because of the outfit...Soom makes wonderful clothes but this one wasn't quite in their style:

My friend Laura called it "the Goth Hooker outfit", which didn't quite fit the shaping of the doll herself or the sparkly purple surface (which I don't think they have done again, though they have done non-sparkling purple resin dolls since then). But Beryl also had a ridiculous outfit and people bought her like crazy. The clothing design in 2012 was great though--I loved all the concepts for that line-- and of course didn't buy any of the outfits because they add to the cost of the doll. I suppose as a doll manufacturer you have to see the clothing as an advertising cost.

Thanks to safir on Den of Angels, here is a sketch from Iplehouse's Twitter of Vampire Doria's outfit. I like seeing the fabric swatches with the design. (there is a shout-out to Charlize Theron, too) :D