Tiny Shirt Completed

It's being modelled by Bird, my Soom Tremo, just because he was handy (and he looks good in white). It's large on him, which is a good thing because the intended owner is a Granado 68 centimeter body that is, according to it's previous owner who is shipping it to me, HUGE. (And I owe huge thanks to the previous owner for giving me such an amazing deal on him!) He will be Elder Iplehouse Doll size, which is something like 9 pounds of resin with feet. I've seen the Granado Xavier head on the body, so I know once the head comes it will look ok, but he will need custom clothes, sewed by me. I can't start on breeches or trousers until the body gets here, because I am not good at fitting from measurements.

Anyway, this shirt is done for now. I may still put a collar on it but I am going to wait and see how long the Granado neck will be. The shirt could probably use another button for aesthetic reasons, but the buttonholes were kind of a pain and that area will be covered by a waistcoat anyway. I was very happy I made it open in the front, though--it makes it way easier to get on the doll. I also am glad that I did cuffs that open widely, and that the seams in there are covered so it won't catch on fingers. The workmanship could have been better in there (and the gussets were nasty, I am going to put them on before I put on the sleeves next time--it's a good thing they don't really show), but it's a good design to get on and off the doll.

This is Antoine with his poky Benmore Special Hands, and they went through the sleeves fine.

Because I had to iron the shirt, I made a hanger out of some wire and wrapped it with a 3cm wide strip of the same fabric I made the shirt out of so I could hang it up, though I will go find some cheaper wire and redo it--I want that brass wire back for other projects.

And here on the original dress model, Sirius the D.I.M elf/Dollzone guy

Pattern is here...