Pancake Today

Yes, those are pancakes..with caviar. I was looking at the photos on Ilsonya's blog and that caviar? Is it some Easter/Lent custom? Caviar for BREAKFAST?(swirly eyes). And it's a lot of caviar, too--if I want caviar, I can get small black eggs for about 15.00 for a can the size of the palm of my hand, or if I was daring, I could go to Bass Pro Shops and get red-dyed fishing eggs for about 5.00 a jar. No way could I find human-quality gold-colored eggs in the quantities shown in the photos. Also, again, for breakfast? July822 suggested vodka on the side, which I think would actually be a good way to cut the heavy, fatty taste of the eggs; and if you are already eating caviar before noon, why not add vodka? There had better be coffee in there somewhere, though. Ilsonya says: "Girlfriend (I assume the fuzzy Persian up there)stole chops from the pan, and (something I can't figure out) and fish from the knife while cutting." That cat is adorable.

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