Soom Garnet

Holy Carp, it's a cyborg with Vesuvia's head! Darn it, Soom, did you sit around a table and say "Let's prank Fishcake! We'll say that we are doing cute little fairy tales and secretly MAKE A FREAKIN AWESOME CYBORG SF GIRL! Oh, and we'll name it after Fishcake's favorite gemstone and well put one of her favorite style heads on top!" And there would follow a lot of supervillain-like laughter.

Because of course I am selling bits and pieces already to pay for the LAST soom girl I bought! Argh!

Oh, the sales link..yes, it would be nice if she was white or blue or purple...but I am sure they will eventually do all those.

Sales period is March 22, 2013 to April 5th, 2013. (sweat)

Edit--now in cream white...go up to Soom Garnet in Cream White to see my Photoshop version of what it would look like.