Comparison Heaven

There is a fun site that Kihaku created, where you can compare (or just look at single shots) different doll molds/sizes. The photos are owner photos, not factory photos, so there is some customization and a bit of hybrid hands here and there.

You first go to this page:

Kihaku's Comparison Heaven

And then scroll down to the exclamation point (!) at the bottom of the page, where the instructions are. You can click on two dolls and it will load the images like Layers in photoshop (there must be some interesting coding on that page) and then use your cursor to move the photos around to line up on the grid. If you hit the edge of your screen, you will need to pull down your own window before you can move the doll image further down. Depending on where you are, it's Not Safe for Work (I have to add the stupid Prudery Strips to photos of plastic dolls here because of Blogger's guidelines) but of course the dolls are bare so you can compare the sculpts. The list is huge of dolls you can look at, plus it's fun to see if you recognize anyone. I wonder if that is Torukia up there in the mug shot. Those are the famous Vesuvia Scorpion Heels, too. :D


  1. Hi~ this is Kihaku from Comparison Heaven :) I'm happy if someone finds the site useful, thank you! ^_^

    Also, you can actually see who owns the doll (but not it's name) and if there is anything special about it, if you click the ! next to the pictures :) Every doll has their own page. ^^ I need to open commenting section again, but it's closed now because of spammers. But that will allow people to comment the bodies and their poseability. :3

    Aaand I just added more dollies yesterday. \o/

  2. And indeed it is Torukia ;3 (I forgot to write that into the entry..)

  3. Oh, I need to go back and look at the doll information as well! Thank you for writing to is such a fun site!


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