Monday, March 25, 2013

Soom Garnet in Cream White

And now Soom has that too--in the drop down menu for skin colors. I think someone on Ilsonya's blog asked for it. :D

Same URL as before:


  1. Not up on the hardware aspects of things and much to look up (and file away :D) from your response re. render / OS / speed! I only have a slow 940mx card in the newest machine. XD GPU rendering sounds awesome!

    Meanwhile, the last few days every bjd-related search I ran one of your posts popped up. Big thanks for all the info! Totally appreciate!

    PS: I hope the Cooper's Hawk found something to eat...

    1. The hawk did..astonishingly, it was a sparrow! The hawk isn't much bigger, so I guess he was motivated. It kept the other birds away from the feeder for all of 15 minutes. I guess I am feeding the hawk too? Maybe we will feed hummingbirds this summer instead 0.0


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